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Rehearsal studios for all types of music

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Recording and Rehearsal Studios

"Quality and Affordable" Recording Studios.

  • Recording does not have to be expensive to be "high quality"

  • Record, Track, Edit, Mix and Master

  • Record your next release (Single, Album, LP or EP - Digital or CD)

  • Record your demos for promotion and press kits

  • Record your audition for contests and school

  • Record your music for fun and gifts

  • Record voice for presentations, commercials and books

The Best Rehearsal Studios Around.

  • Fully equipped and clean - bathrooms too - yes, we clean the joint

  • Stop hauling amps and drums for rehearsals

  • Stop freezing and sweating in the storage locker or warehouse

  • Stop making everyone at home mad when you turn up over 1

Whether you are a full-time working musician, semi-pro, starting a new band, or getting together with your friends to jam, we are here for you!

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8320 Litchford Rd
Suite 200

Raleigh, NC 27615

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